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Creating wealth through health! Ariyos testimonial.mp3

Jumoke Ariyo
- Fashion designer & Swissgarde Distributor Orjis testimonial.mp3

  Mr Orji
- Customer from Apapa , Lagos

- Lagos customer 

"I used Swissgarde Aloepower and stressActive and to God's glory my BP became very normal to 107/69against 160/95. I used to have headache and pain on my shoulders but it has disapppeared. No more tiredness and hangovers. Swissgarde is really very good. I found it excellent.No side effect like other drugs I used for High BP"

- Finance Manager

"I couldn't read well before unless I use my recommended glasses, but now I can read well and work on my computer without glasses. Thanks to God and Eyebrite!" Irem Bright Chimezies Testimonial .mp3
Dr Irem Bright Chimezie 
- Medical Practitioner, Enugu testimony.mp3

- Staff at a pharmaceutical company, Lagos.

  Gladys Obe
- Admin Officer
  De-light-ful children school, Abuja

"Hello, my name is gladys. For so many years i had so much discomfort in my system. I had cramps. Bloating, dizzy spells, flatulence, irregular periods and hormone imbalance. I decided to take some herbal supplement. Through the internet i came across swissgarde beauty and health products. After one month i felt like a heavy burden was lifted from my system. I felt light and i was really happy. Now, when i look back i cannot help but thank god for leading me to swissgarde. Today, i am not only a customer, i am also a distributor and i must say i am having a great time with swissgarde."

-Prof. Stephen H.
University of Maiduguri

"There has been great improvement in the reduction of symptoms of prostatitis. The supplements have helped especially to reduce excruciating abdominal pain, improved the erectal dysfunction, and sleep at night. Frequency of urination has reduced as well as the retention. Thanks to the Swissgarde supplements." TESTIMONIAL.mp3
Petchris Egbu
5 Star Distributor with Swissgarde Akpans Testimonial .mp3
Sam Akpans Testimonial .mp3
Dan Abia
Site Owner/Music Librarian/ Authorized Swissgarde Distributor

Kester Emu
Based Engineer, PortHarcourt
"Have tried the Swissgarde products and confirmed that the products work and has really helped my health status."

Mr Okorocha
- Engineer ,Warri.
"I treated Staphylococcus for 2 years and got no relief. After 4 days of taking Swissgarde's Aloe Power & Defender, I began to experience relief. For the first time in a long while I slept through the night without waking up unlike the past nights where the worm-like movements would wake me up from sleep. Swissgarde products work.".


(Customer, Lagos) - "Ordered supplements for my diabetic mother and it improved her health significantly".


(Trader, PortHarcourt)- "By the grace of God, my hypertensive and diabetic husband's health is getting better after taking Swissgarde.


(Media person, PortHarcourt)- "I treated cold & catarrh unsuccessfully for close two weeks. Swissgarde supplements finally gave me the relief I was looking for. I bought the one for weak erection and it is very good." reg testimony.mp3

Mama reg testimony.mp3

Regina Umerah

-Top Swissgard Distributor, Lagos.


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